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Social Emotional Learning Certified, Youth Mental Health First Aid Trained, Adverse Childhood Experience Trainers, and Botvin Life Skills Trained

Mary has her bachelor's degree in Exercise and Wellness which led her to owning and operating her own gym; a seven year journey where she had the pleasure of meeting + working with hundreds of people ranging from the ages of 6 to 70. Within that setting, she not only coached people on their physical fitness but really got to be an overall support system for them in terms of their holistic health; eating right, stress management, sleeping habits, habit formation, goal setting etc... Her niche within the gym wound up being within the kid's classes, from overall movement and play to sports specific training.

Social Emotional Learning Certified, Youth Mental Health First Aid Trained, Adverse Childhood Experience Trainers, and Botvin Life Skills Trained

Jill has her bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Communication and Mass Communication. This degree served her greatly in her career at lululemon as a Store Manager at the local level in Scottsdale for six years and a Regional Manager for the Southwest for nearly two. Both of these positions allotted her the opportunity to be on the leadership & development team where she was in charge of hiring and developing teams for stores locally as well as for the company, nationally.


Jill Petersen

Mary Foran


Our Certifications

  • Social Emotional Learning Certified, referred to in schools as SEL which is a well-designed program that provides educators and facilitators with a systematic classroom-based model promoting the development of a student’s social and emotional competence. The coursework is based on the National Health Education Standards and the CASEL Social Emotional Competencies which you can learn more about here.

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Trained which means we are trained to identify, understand and respond to signs and symptoms of addiction and mental illness; things ranging from anxiety and depression to more serious illnesses that need to be referred out to doctors that can diagnose and prescribe.

  • Adverse Childhood Experience Trainers meaning that we are trained to better understand children's behaviors, develop appropriate care plans and interventions in order to help prevent risky youth behavior associated with what they've experienced in their lives. This also means we are trained to facilitate A.C.E trainings for other educators, health care providers and professionals. You can learn more about A.C.E.s here.

  • Botvin Life Skills Trained which is a 40 year, evidence based curriculum administered in schools across 40 different countries throughout the world. At its core, it is a comprehensive prevention program that focuses on targeting the social and psychological factors that initiate risky behaviors rather than simply educating kids on the dangers of things like drug and alcohol use. You can learn more about the Botvin curriculum here.