Girls Mentorship Trend Report

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📣Girls Mentorship Trend Report📣

Since we work with teen & tween girls, we aim to keep parents informed on all the things that could have a potential impact on their kids. 

1️⃣ Meta is slowly introducing a new AI experience that will likely transform the way we engage online.

Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady & Paris Hilton have given Meta the right to attach their likeness to fictional AI characters.

These alter egos are utilizing their physical & audible identities but taking on entirely different personas.

While these advances are certainly exciting, they also raise important questions about online safety and influence.

As parents, understanding how these AI “companions” work is crucial. They have the potential to shape the online experiences of our children in unprecedented ways.

This goes far beyond entertainment; AI a powerful tool that can have a huge impact both on identity & behavior


2️⃣Secondly we would be remiss not to talk about what’s going on between Israel & Palestine as it pertains to your kids - it's crucial to remember that given the access we have to information, your kids might have questions or concerns about what they're seeing & hearing.

First & foremost, we ask that you consider having an open and age-appropriate conversation with them because it’s likely they've already heard about the situation or know someone affected by it.

Also, please be aware that there's a lot of distressing content circulating social media right now. Psychologists are advising parents to delete their kids’ Instagram and TikTok accounts as a precaution. Hamas terrorists are said to be releasing incredibly distressing videos in the coming days & weeks,

Let's work to prioritize our children's well-being and safety by staying informed and offering them the support and guidance they need.