We Need Your Help! Vote For Us!

Oct 11, 2023

🗳️🌟 Hey Squad! 🌟🗳️

You know the drill, Jill and I are on a mission to make a real impact in the lives of girls everywhere, and we need YOUR help to make it happen!

🚀 Girls Mentorship has been named a semi-finalist in The Boost Your Future Grant Competition hosted by Bubbl’r, and the grand prize is a whopping $20,000! 💰✨

The exciting part: YOU can help us win it all!! Every day until October 23rd at 4 pm EST, you have the power to cast your vote for us! 🙌

The specifics➡️🗳️You can vote one time per day, per email which is going to make a huge difference in our chances of winning.

🌟 Let's come together as a community and show our support for empowering young girls through mentorship and personal development skills! 🌸💪

Your vote could help us reach our goal and continue spreading positivity and empowerment to even more young hearts. 💕

Thank you for always being such incredible supporters of our mission & vision! 🙏❤️

Together, we can create a brighter future for our girls. Let's do this! The link to vote is HERE!