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community outreach

We are passionate about partnering with schools, non-profit organizations, and adult/youth groups to educate and inspire.

Are you or your organization interested in hosting a keynote or a workshop?


We tailor talks, presentations, and interactive workshops to suit your needs. 

It's clear that traditional schooling and extra-curricular activities are NOT providing sufficient development for our young people.
  • To ensure a successful society, we have to invest in young people, arming our teens with the life skills they need to thrive!
  • ​Do you want to leave it up to chance that they will find meaningful experiences on their own or invest in a program built to expose them to a different conversation that equips them with more tools to be better at life?
  • It's our job as adults to mentor and guide our teens while they are still developing during this window. Their brain is malleable, and meaningful experiences will help foster positive brain growth and develop skills that will last a lifetime. Ultimately shaping them into the person they're going to be.
Everything we do is rooted in




We facilitate personal growth through Social-Emotional Learning and Life Skills.



We equip with the tools to develop and the practical skills that generate confidence and influence over a lifetime.



We empower you to develop
self-awareness to understand your own emotions, feelings, and reactions.



We engage in practices to strengthen our
self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.



We are the energy. We energize by showing what's possible. Where our attention goes, energy flows.


Choose to bring Jill & Mary in for a half-day or full-day retreat which focuses on personal growth, self-discovery, and building connections through workshops, group discussions, and other activities, to empower the group to become their best selves and provide tools and support to navigate the challenges of life.

Most Requested Programs


  • Workshop series is a set of interactive workshops designed to empower and develop young women, addressing topics such as self-esteem, leadership, and goal-setting. Led by Jill & Mary as facilitators, the series provides a safe and supportive environment for young women to share and grow. The goal is to empower and equip the participants with the tools to navigate the challenges of life.


  • Bring Jill & Mary into your organization to lead a powerful & education keynote on all things social emotional learning related. They provide organizations with diverse perspectives, expertise, inspiring stories, positive impact, and learning opportunities. By partnering with Jill + Mary, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to supporting girls and women's empowerment + create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace. 


I wish every young girl could participate in a workshop or coaching sessions with Jill and Mary at Girls Mentorship. I see adults that are still grappling with their sense of self and struggling to establish healthy relationships and wish we all could have been exposed to these conversations and experiences when we were younger. Think about a whole generation of young people that can be comfortable with their own authenticity, hold themselves accountable, and be supportive to one another—that is a world I would want to be a part of! What Girls Mentorship brings to adolescents and young adults is a foundation of health we should all adopt. Kids have different relationship dynamics in their lives, which means sometimes they won’t feel as comfortable with a parent or teacher or even therapist as they will with a mentor. Thank goodness Jill and Mary saw this need and are here to fill it.


-Clarissa A. 

Director of Outreach for Fusion Academy

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