This season we are focused on: Confidence

School is in full swing. Our girls are knee-deep in navigating social situations, being good students, and finding their authentic selves amid the chaos of adolescents. That is why we decided to focus this season on the core pill of confidence. 

With confidence, girls can: 

  • Develop a stronger Sense of Self

  • Practice Healthy Boundaries

  • Manage Time More Efficiently

  • Discover a Growth Mindset  

Our fall lineup is designed to enrich and empower girls to step confidently into their life. 

Three ways to play:



Virtual small group sessions that dive into the heart of life and leadership topics.

One of the things we learned this summer is that we needed a way to support more girls, no matter where in the world they lived. Pods are a new offering that allows us to do just that. These 3-week sessions are hosted virtually so that all girls have the opportunity to participate (spread the word)!

Each Pod Includes: 
  • 3-week series focused on a specific topic

  • Weekly 1-hour LIVE zoom sessions

  • Group Connection Portal

  • Unlimited text support (for girls & parents) 

POD Pricing:
  • $299 per workshop

  • $249 with membership*

  • $199 additional family members**

* Must have an active Workshop Membership to receive code for discount. 

** ** Email us for a special code to enroll more than one family member into PODS (does not have to be the same POD).

the fall pod line up