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Sign your daughter up for our workshop membership & give her the opportunity to attend big & bold conversations on a monthly basis.

Access to all workshops + discounts on all other offerings
Mentorship, Mentorship, Mentorship!
Additional benefits and perks

what's included in a membership?

Network (noun)
net·work | net· wark

A group of people with beating hearts and passions who live and love and try to fail, and who are there beside you as you do the same.

Being a part of our monthly membership means more than just sipping on AJ's tea and hanging out with friends at the mall or carrying on a Snapchat streak. There is a whole culture behind our workshops. We spend time in conversations about practical tools and skills that girls will use in countless situations over their lifetime. All while introducing them to other impactful + influential community mentors.

As a member, you will join other like- minded girls in and around your and have the opportunity to dive further into the theme of each workshop of the month. 

Come in, chill out and recognize the beauty and confidence you already have within!

Girls Mentorship monthly workshops feature a theme of the month, expert speakers, and a space where girls get to be themselves. It's a great opportunity for your girls to join other like-minded girls to connect, support, and help her grow in her confidence and healthy relationships. 

What girls walk away with

1. Community, belonging and fun.

2. A space to share their feelings -- cultivate meaningful conversations, to develop their voice, power, and truth.

3. Mentorship from strong community leaders.

4. The opportunity to celebrate individual uniqueness while building friendships in a like-minded community. 

Additional benefits:

1. Access to monthly workshops.

2. The ability to bring a friend for free.

3. Discounts on other experiences hosted by Girls Mentorship.

4. Opportunities to connect and plug into a community of girls looking to cultivate more for themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are these workshops for?

What we've found through hosting 20+ workshops in the past year, though the information can be digested by every age range, girls between the ages of 10 - 13 typically sit and absorb the information best. There are obviously exceptions to that as we've had girls as young as 8 sit in, pay attention and contribute meaningful and girls as old as 15 not feel like they were 'too cool for school'. If you're unsure of whether or not your daughter fits within the bounds, please reach out to us here and we'll happily walk you through what we've seen work the best!

Are you accepting volunteers?

We LOVE having people volunteer with us. If you're interested in coming on board for a workshop or two, click here and introduce yourselves to us! We are also working on a volunteer program for girls who are 14-18, click       to make sure you're staying up to date with all of newest offerings!

How often do you meet?

Our workshops are held on the last Saturday of every month. Any changes to that will be communicated well in advance.  

Where are these held?

We host our monthly workshops at notMYkid which is located in Scottsdale at 5310 E. Shea Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Any changes to the location will be communicated well in advance. 

Does my daughter get to bring a friend for free?

Yes! With the purchase of a workshop ticket, membership or drop-in, your daughter gets to bring a friend for free! The only thing we ask is that the friend has to be a girl who has *not* attended anything Girls Mentorship related before and we require the parent's contact information to be provided. 

Can I cancel at any time?

You are not locked into anything long-term when you decided to sign your daughter up for our monthly workshops, all we ask is for a 30-day notice of cancellation. 

Do I need to register every month?

Once you sign up, your plan will renew every month on its own. We will however need you to RSVP your daughter each month so we have an idea of how many girls will be in attendance. 

How do I register?

We will send out step-by-step instructions every month as a reminder to RSVP her and as a tutorial on how to do so!

What if my daughter can't make it that month?

Monthly workshops are designed in a use-it-or-lose-it fashion. There are no refunds for missed workshops.

Any questions we didn't answer for you? Click here and we'll be happy to help!
Image by Bryan Garces

Ready for your daughter to become the BEST, BRIGHTEST, and MOST CONFIDENT version of herself?

Head to the checkout page to explore which option would work best! to get started!

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