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We provide exclusive one-on-one mentorship for girls navigating tough times. Our customized 3-month curriculum is designed to offer the extra support needed to help girls regain their footing and apply new skills to succeed.

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program objectives

Our mentorship foundations are rooted in four key goalsets to reach girls where they need support most. 

Build Confidence 

To help young girls develop a strong sense of self-confidence, enabling them to approach challenges with courage and self-assurance. 

Foster Resilience 

To equip girls with the tools to bounce back from setbacks, cope with adversity, and embrace change with resilience. 

Develop Self-Awareness

To facilitate a deeper understanding of their emotions, strengths, and areas for growth, enhancing their self-awareness. 

Cultivate Leadership Skills

To nurture leadership qualities and empower girls to become effective decision-makers and positive influencers in their communities.


Baseline Meeting

Get Started with a 
Our Baseline Meeting is a 90-minute consultation service that acts as an initial step to determine if our mentorship services are a good fit for your teen. We meet with your teen one-on-one, in person or virtually, to understand their current needs and struggles, and create a personalized module outline that addresses those specific issues. Our goal is to provide the best support possible for your teen to achieve their goals.


*if mentorship is the right fit, this payment can be credited towards first month payment
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Program Objectives
Baseline Meeting
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