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Our mentorship programs exist for one simple reason: to teach girls the knowledge, skills, and strategies to be the best version of themselves.

Personalized mentorship designed to tackle goals, one session at a time.


What to expect 

  • At least twelve amazing weeks of curriculum and in depth conversations; Six units, broken down into two-week chunks. Each unit breaks down & covers a new topic, followed by interactive skills practice, which is workshopped utilizing real life scenarios in your daughter's life.

  • Skills practice (homework) -- Comprehending the brand new skills and applying them in "real life” situations. For example, our sessions are similar to a game of basketball. Meeting with us is showing up for practice, and the skills practice is playing the actual game. Confidence building is all about repetition, practice, repetition, and more practice.

  • Participant Workbook housed on Google Drive with lessons, exercises/activities, and weekly skills practice.

  • Unlimited communication and support throughout our time together.

  • Lots of learning, fun, and laughs.

  • Our main goal is to support you and your daughter! We help you navigate raising her through the adolescent years in order to help her see how big, valuable and important she is by empowering her to generate confidence and influence over a lifetime.

Curriculum at a Glance

Here's a glimpse at part of the curriculum we've formulated.


We typically spend two weeks covering each unit topic. Every odd week, we will introduce and teach a lesson on the unit topic. Every even week, we will discuss homework and workshop topics in real-life scenarios.


Of course, if real life pops up at any point in between, we have flexibility to veer off course and help guide her through the situation at hand. 

  1. Self-Image - Learn how your self-image forms, identify ways to increase your self-image, and create goals that help improve the way you look and talk about yourself. 

  2. Personal Values - Provide the groundwork to identify what is important to you to live your most authentic and purposeful life. Point out your motivations and blockers, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and gain clarity about your needs and expectations.

  3. Decision Making - Explore how your decisions are heavily affected by group pressures, learn how to make healthy decisions, and identify a process for making healthy decisions. 

  4. Communication Skills - Define communication and how to achieve effective communication in your life, recognize verbal and nonverbal communication and why it matters, and identify how to do away with misunderstandings.

"Jill and Mary are the coolest people you'll ever meet. It's been months since I finished my mentoring with Girls Mentorship, I still regularly get texts from them wanting to check in, offer support, and encourage me. When I am nervous I find myself thinking, "what would Mary and Jill tem me to do?" Every girl needs to be around strong women who guide them through bumps in the road, and I'm grateful that Mary and Jill were those women for me. Their advice and guidance feels eternal, and what I learned from them changed the way I move through life. I am so thankful for them." 

- Kayton Ayala, age 17

"Eye opening and life changing. I left Girls Mentorship proud of the person I had grown and worked to become." 

- Caitlin Keeler, age 14

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