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Raising girls means navigating a lot of uncertainty and doubt.

One of the biggest challenges many parents face is questioning whether they are doing enough for their daughters to succeed. At Girls Mentorship, we see girls’ everyday relationships (with self and others) as an area of opportunity to develop + practice the practical skills that generate confidence and influence over a lifetime. We are passionate about empowering young women to show up as their best selves in any situation, and we structure our work specifically around three pillars: 

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Does your daughter…

Worry too much about what other people think? Easily succumb to social pressures? Does she lack confidence in the areas that matter most: relationships with herself and others, school, sports, and extracurricular activities?

Have a hard time bouncing back from mistakes? Has trouble letting go of things or making mistakes e.g.: Studying before a big test, a class project, a game, or a social situation?

Follow more than she leads? Have an attitude towards you or other authority figures? Rebel against rules and direction but leads the charge when posting on social media. Seemingly, caring more about likes and followers than other prudent responsibilities?

​Our individual and group mentorship programs inspire community and help teach valuable life lessons to help generate self-awareness, self-worth, & self-confidence.

Then you're in the right place!

Program Objectives

Our Workshops and Coaching services create a space where your daughter will be able to…

  • develop strategies for becoming a strong communicator and a leader by understanding her emotions and actions.

  • recognize "people pleasing" tendencies and develop long-term and short-term methods for taking care of her mental health.

  • avoid spending thousands of dollars in the future by letting her learn the necessary skills now so that she will be ready for the "real world" later.

  • think BIG and imagine the possibilities that are available for her - ready to take risks and face challenges.

  • understand the limiting beliefs that keep her back and implement solutions that propel her forward.

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