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Building a Future of Girls

Who Get What They Need

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Building a Future of Girls Who Get What They Need 


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Our Pillars

We believe in a holistic approach to empower girls for a successful future.

Our program stands on seven foundational pillars including:

Discover Your Daughter's Strengths!


Hey there! We're Mary & Jill, the co-founders of Girls Mentorship, and we're excited you're here! To tell you a bit about us, we work with teens and parents to develop the skills & tools confidence that help them develop the character strengths that make them feel like the best, brightest & most confident version of themselves & out.

On top of striving to change the world through the next generation, you can catch us hanging with our families, laughing until we cry & trying to soak up every waking moment. We're excited you're here - and we can’t wait to support you!

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Girls Mentorship University

E-Courses for Girls & Those Who Love Them

Our goal is simple: to help girls become the best version of themselves. Within GMU, your girls will gain the tools to boost their confidence, foster strong friendships, and develop coping skills for when things don't go as planned.

Think of us as a co-pilot on this incredible journey you're navigating with your daughter. We offer courses tailored to empower her at every twist and turn. From navigating friendships with grace to discovering her voice, we cover it all.

But let's be clear, your daughter is the true hero of her own story. We're here to equip her with the tools and confidence she needs to soar. Because the world could use more empowered young women, and together, we can help her become one.

Let's Go To Class 🤓📚

Why does teen life coaching work?

  • Girls Are Craving These Conversations! 🗣️

    Think your daughter isn't interested in deep talks? Think again! Our coaching sessions provide the authentic conversations she didn’t even know she needed but will absolutely love.

  • We're the Role Models She'll Relate To 😎

    Imagine a mentor who's like a super-cool, older sister to your daughter. We're not here to lecture; we're here to guide, support, and cheer her on. You can trust us to make these important life talks fun and meaningful.
  • All About Future-Forward Action 🎯

    Our approach is laser-focused on setting achievable goals and carving out a bright future. And let's face it: action speaks louder than words, especially with teens! 
  • A Fresh Voice She'll Listen To 🚫

    We love you, parents, but we all know teens have a tendency to tune you out. Our coaching offers advice from a new angle—making it more relatable and easier for her to put into practice.
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