One of the best and most fulfilling parts of this work is seeing the transformative impact that mentorship has on girls – getting to watch them grow in confidence, develop their skills, and realize their full potential. Let's share a little bit more about how we got here...


We became the mentors we never had...

Back in August 2020, we had a moment of reflection: what would our younger selves have achieved if they had the personal growth tools we have now? Everywhere we looked, we saw young girls grappling with confidence issues, battling negative self-talk, wrestling with poor self-image, and navigating the tricky waters of anxiety and depression. It struck a chord. Weren't we in those same shoes just 20 years ago? It was a realization that even with the passage of time, many things remained unchanged. Girls were still missing the vital skills to rise above these challenges.

That pivotal moment led to a decision: we wanted to be the beacon of change. We envisioned extending a helping hand to the young girls who mirrored our past selves. Our mission? To enrich their social-emotional learning skills, guiding them towards realizing the brightest, most confident versions of themselves. And what an incredible journey it's been, and continues to be!


Jill is a serial optimist with a bubbly personality and animated expressions. She is a wife, mother of two boys, and seeks fun in everything she does! She is an experienced coach & former leader at lululemon, where she spent nearly a decade building her passions and career. Her superpower lies within connecting & building trust quickly with others to help people find their greatness.

Jill holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication) and (Mass Communication) from Arizona State University. She received a certificate in Mindfulness Leadership from ASU in 2018 and is Yoga Alliance 200-hour certified.


Mary Frances is an avid community supporter, adult cheerleader, experienced coach & leader. Part of her joy as a mentor is not just being the one who leads but also having the ability to raise others to live into their leadership potential. She has a B.S. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University and an MBA in the school of hard knocks. She started her entrepreneurship journey as a certified Crossfit L2 coach and gym owner, where she worked with hundreds of kids, teens, and adults.

She is an H-O-T leader: Humble, Open, and Transparent, sharing about her tumultuous past dealing with family trauma, CPS, and a broken home, all of which have led to a strong desire to break the mold and assist others in doing the same.


Girls Mentorship is dedicated to empowering girls aged 10-18 by developing crucial life skills, including social, emotional, and academic competencies. Our mission is to instill resilience, mental well-being, and emotional intelligence, preparing young girls to confidently and authentically tackle life's challenges and seize opportunities. We strive to guide each girl towards realizing her fullest potential.


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