How Trust & Reassurance Create A Safe Space for Your Child to Thrive with Dr. Darryl Stickel

podcast raisingteenagers youthmentalhealth Nov 03, 2023

In This Episode, We Chat About:

How to be self confident and create power in vulnerability.

Perspective shifts that will guide you as a parent.

Ways to build a relationship with your kids based on trust.


Show Notes:

The foundation of any relationship is trust and the ability to be vulnerable. That includes your kids! Hold on to your hats, because we have an incredible conversation with you all about building a trusting and empowering relationship with your kids with Dr Darryl Stickel. Darrell holds a PhD in business from Duke University and is a true expert when it comes to building trust even in the most challenging and uncertain circumstances. In fact, he wrote his doctoral thesis on just that, building trust in hostile environments. In 2003, he founded Trust Unlimited, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and businesses foster trust and exceptional leadership. From his expertise in this subject, and personal experience we’re going to dive into everything that will help you build a strong and trusting relationship with the kids you love most!


01:30 How to be self confident and create power in vulnerability.

05:15 Why it’s important to see other perspectives and have a relational approach to parenting.

10:45 Stop trying to control your kids and do this to build trust with them instead.

16:30 How can I be the authority and set boundaries while considering my kid’s needs?

22:15 Ways we as parents impact our kids self esteem and leadership development.

27:45 Personal stories of how Darryl helped his son develop and embrace his unique traits.

33:30 Ways to build a relationship of trust with anyone, especially your kids.

40:15 What is a WTF moment you’ve turned into a WTL moment?

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