Author, Youth Mentor, & Speaker Rayna Rose on Empowerment through Leadership

podcast trending what's the lesson youth mental health Dec 15, 2023

In a world increasingly enriched by different cultures and perspectives, understanding and embracing diversity is crucial. This theme was wonderfully explored in our latest podcast episode featuring Rayna Rose Exelbierd, an inspiring figure in youth empowerment and cultural respect.

The Journey of Empowerment

Rayna’s journey, from working in nonprofits to founding The Rose Grows, exemplifies her dedication to nurturing confidence and respect in young minds. Her experiences, particularly with overcoming anti-Semitism and other challenges, have shaped her unique approach to empowering the youth which includes:

  • Building Confidence and Respecting Cultures One of Rayna’s primary focuses is mentoring teens to develop self-confidence and an appreciation for diverse cultures. This process involves teaching them vital social and listening skills, and fostering the courage to embrace their individuality.
  • Fostering Open Communication A significant aspect of Rayna's work is encouraging open conversations about tough subjects. In the podcast, she emphasizes the importance of not shying away from difficult discussions, especially with teens.
  • Supporting Women and Collaboration Another key topic Rayna addresses is the importance of supporting other women and cultivating an environment of collaboration over competition. This approach is vital for personal and collective growth.
  • Personal Healing and Family Relationships Rayna speaks about her own journey of healing from toxic relationships and her evolving relationship with her mother. This part of the conversation offers deep insights into personal growth and familial dynamics.


The overarching takeaway from Rayna Rose Exelbierd's podcast episode is the power of open communication, embracing diversity, as well as supporting each other in our journeys. Her insights are a testament to the positive impact of fostering understanding and respect in our diverse world.

Rayna’s story and the strategies she shares are not just compelling; they are vital in today’s world. Her contributions through The Rose Grows are shaping a more empathetic, confident, and culturally respectful generation.


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