Beyond Envy: Empowering Your Child to Handle Jealous Feelings

parenting podcast trending what's the lesson youth mental health Dec 22, 2023

The holiday season, with its focus on gift-giving and festivities, can often bring unexpected emotions to the surface, especially in kids. In this episode of the What's The Lesson podcast, "Beyond Envy: Empowering Your Child to Handle Jealous Feelings," we dive into this topic, offering insights and strategies for parents to navigate their kid's feelings of jealousy.

Understanding Jealousy as an Emotion, Not a Label

Jealousy, a common emotion in both adults and kids alike, can be particularly pronounced during the holidays. It's important to recognize that feeling jealous doesn't make your kids "ungrateful" or "spoiled." Instead, it's an opportunity to understand the emotions beneath and to teach valuable life lessons. By shifting our mindset and approach, we can empower our kids to manage their feelings constructively.

The Impact of Jealousy During the Holidays

This episode addresses how these emotions can impact kids and offers advice on handling these situations with empathy, understanding & grace. It's not just about the presents under the tree, but about the emotional lessons that can be learned and shared.

Strategies for Teaching Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy is a key skill that can help your kids better understand and articulate their feelings. In our podcast, we discuss tips for teaching your kids to recognize and express their emotions effectively. This includes acknowledging their feelings, helping them name their emotions, and guiding them to understand why they feel a certain way. This literacy is not just for the holiday season but is a valuable tool they can carry throughout their lives.

Equipping Kids with Tools to Manage Emotions

As parents and mentors, our role is to provide kids with tools to manage their emotions in a healthy and productive way. This includes teaching them coping mechanisms, such as deep breathing or journaling, and encouraging open communication. By doing so, we set them up for emotional success, not just during the holidays but in all aspects of their lives.


As we navigate the holiday season, let's remember that it's an opportunity to teach our children valuable life lessons about managing emotions like jealousy. Through empathy, understanding, and the right tools, we can guide them towards emotional maturity and resilience.


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