This Week's Trend Report: Navigating Online Therapy, Digital Safety, and Holiday Shopping Scams

roblox teletherapy trend report trending youth mental health Dec 11, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of parenting, staying up to date on current trends is vital. This week, we delve into three pressing topics that are impacting the parenting world: the rise of online therapy in schools, growing safety concerns on platforms like Roblox, and a new, concerning holiday gift card scam. Each of these trends brings to light key issues that can significantly impact our children's mental, digital, and financial wellbeing.

Online Therapy in Schools: A New Era of Mental Health Support

The integration of online therapy into U.S. public schools marks a transformative shift in addressing student mental health. With over $70 million invested, this initiative reflects a nationwide expansion of teletherapy services, providing a much-needed solution to the shortage of in-person mental health professionals. This approach is particularly beneficial in rural and lower-income areas, where access to mental health resources has traditionally been limited.

For parents, this trend signifies a crucial step towards better mental health care for our children. Teletherapy offers a flexible, accessible way for students to receive support, especially during times of increased stress or anxiety. However, as this method of therapy grows, concerns about the quality of care and qualifications of therapists have emerged. Parents should remain proactive, inquiring about the teletherapy programs in their child's school and ensuring that these services meet high standards of care.

Roblox and Child Safety: Navigating Digital Dangers

The recent lawsuit against Roblox brings to light critical concerns about child safety on digital platforms. The allegations suggest that the gaming platform, popular among millions of young users, has failed to adequately protect them from exposure to inappropriate content and potential predators. This situation is a stark reminder of the risks associated with online gaming & interactions.

For parents, this underscores the need for active involvement in our children’s digital lives. It’s imperative to educate ourselves and our children about online safety, setting clear guidelines and monitoring their online activities. Encouraging open conversations about the dangers of the internet and establishing trust with our children can go a long way in ensuring their safety online. The Roblox case is a call to action for parents to be more vigilant and to utilize available parental control features effectively.

The Holiday Gift Card Scam: A Cautionary Tale

As the holiday season approaches, a new scam involving gift cards has emerged as another concern to be aware of. Scammers are tampering with gift cards, rendering them worthless, and unsuspecting shoppers are falling victim to these fraudulent activities. This scam involves carefully manipulating gift card envelopes, a deceitful practice that has caught many off guard.

Parents looking to purchase gift cards as presents should be extra cautious. Inspecting the packaging for signs of tampering and purchasing gift cards from reputable sources are key preventive measures. This trend is not merely about financial loss; it's about safeguarding the trust and joy inherent in gift-giving, especially when it involves our children. Being aware and cautious can help preserve the spirit of the holiday season and protect our families from such deceitful practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online Therapy: A promising solution for student mental health care, but requires parental vigilance regarding quality and therapist qualifications.
  • Digital Safety on Roblox: Highlights the importance of parental involvement in children’s online activities and the necessity of open discussions about internet safety.
  • Holiday Gift Card Scam: Emphasizes the need for careful scrutiny when purchasing gift cards and awareness of potential scams during the holiday season.


These trends underscore the multifaceted challenges of modern parenting. From embracing innovative solutions in mental health to ensuring digital safety and being vigilant against scams, staying informed is crucial. Let's use this knowledge to make well-informed decisions that foster safe and supportive environments for our children.

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