The Emotional Toll of Toxic Athletic Environments with Audrey Barhydt

Episode #93

In This Episode, We Chat About:

Working through injuries and toxic environments as a student athlete.

Using your voice to stand up and speak out for yourself.

Advice for parents, coaches, and mentors for better supporting athletes.


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Show Notes:

Real magic happens when we open up and share our lived experiences. Today, we will hear a heartbreaking story from Audrey Barhydt, a former student athlete as she shares her experience working through what she felt was a toxic athletic environment and the toll it took on both her physical & mental health. We’ll learn how she dug herself out of the hole, found her confidence to stand back up, and used her voice to speak out for student athletes everywhere. Through her inspiring journey, we can discover the steps to creating positive change so no athlete gets left behind. Whether you’re a student athlete experiencing something similar, or a concerned parent seeking advice, you’ll be able to gain something beneficial from this episode. Take the first step towards a better future for athletes and their mental health!

01:45 Welcome to the show, Audrey!

04:40 What led you to track and field?

07:05 When did you decide you were done being an athlete?

09:50 Drowning in an unsupportive environment.

13:50 Who was your support during this time?

16:05 What was your process before writing the IG post and turning in your jersey?

18:50 What was the response afterwards?

22:20 What was the reaction to your post?

25:10 The first step to creating change.

27:15 How can parents & coaches better support athletes and their mental health?

31:25 What does the future look like for you?