The Detrimental Effects of Photoshop with Caroline Ross

Episode #69

In This Episode, We Chat About:

Caroline’s experience as a photographer, and how her ability to spot photoshop has turned into multi-millions of views on TikTok!


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Show Notes:

Don’t fall for the photoshop! We’re so glad we had the opportunity to connect with today’s guest, Caroline Ross! She is a genius photographer with years of experience in different industries from weddings to commercial shoots! Of course, we understand photoshop isn’t going anywhere and can be a great tool for creativity, or removing distractions in an ad campaign. The problem is it’s not reality, and can be damaging if we compare ourselves to someone’s body when THEY don’t even look like that in the first place. In this episode, we talk about the different ways people manipulate the way they look to meet trends and beauty standards, and why it’s so important for us to celebrate our uniqueness. We also dive into the dark side of social media, the trap of comparison, and the tools you need to live with confidence!


04:30 What got you started doing photoshop?

07:40 Things to keep in mind as we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others online.

12:00 What types of photography have you done for work?

14:15 Were you taught to photoshop to certain beauty standards in school?

18:50 How has it been seeing your TikTok following grow to millions of views?

25:00 The tools we need to be able to live with confidence.

30:30 What’s with photoshopping armpits?

34:00 The photoshop, filler, and surgeries people are getting to hide their insecurities.

37:15 Who you should follow, and maybe unfollow, on social media!