5 Tips to Help Your Girls Grow in Their Confidence

Episode #67

In This Episode, We Chat About:

5 ways to help YOU and your favorite girls to grow their confidence!

Who and what you need as a support in your life, because you and your girls aren’t meant to do it all alone!


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Show Notes:

Confidence is something we talk about a lot over here on the podcast, from stages, in our workshops with your girls and 1-on-1 with our mentee’s! Building confidence is a lot like building muscle. Like many worthwhile things, it’s not a 1 and done type of skill. You’ve got to work that confidence muscle through fear and discomfort over time to keep your confidence strong! In this episode, we’re sharing 5 tips to help YOU and the girls in your life to grow confidence (aka flex that confidence muscle!!) We share ways to be a role model, communicate with your teen or tween, and why it’s important as adults to create opportunities for them to rise out of their comfort zone! Seeing people they look up to in their lives doing the same! Our hope is that you walk away from this episode with ONE thing you can implement to simultaneously grow your confidence, and help your girls do the same! Tag us on Instagram with your ONE THING you are going to be more intentional about an implement to grow confidence!


04:40 Confidence is a skill you can gain!

07:15 How you can take steps forward and grow confidence especially when you are afraid.

09:00 The power of trying new things and giving your kids opportunities to go out of their comfort zone.

13:20 Why is it important to talk to your kids about failure?

15:40 Ways to teach your kids personal responsibility and problem solving.

17:40 How can we empower our kids and validate their feelings?

20:50 Growing confidence through establishing values and acknowledging your girls character.

22:40 Are you being an example and surrounding your daughter with good role models?

25:00 Are you investing in having mentors and role models in your kids' lives?

26:40 How to teach your girls to be their own cheerleader!

30:15 Who are the people on your “advisory board” (aka your ride or die peeps)?